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08 Feb 2022

Set git origin to remember credentials

Set in your .bashrc or .zshrc file: export username="git-hub-token" Then run the command below to save your credentials git remote...

08 Feb 2022

How to mount Samba share on boot

To mount a samba share when Ubuntu boots you need to add a line to your /etc/fstab file. You’ll have...

15 Apr 2021

How to ssh using a certificate (not password)

Generate the certificate on the machine you are going to login from: ssh-keygen Check the certificate to make sure it...

15 Jan 2019

Install LetsEncrypt Certificates

In this article I’ll show you how I installed LetsEncrypt certificate for my home-assistant instance that is behind a nginx...

21 Jan 2018

How to Host Multiple Python Apps on the Same Host With Nginx

Configure NGINX as a reverse proxy In this tutorial we assume that there are two python applications / sites running...

20 Jan 2018

Basic IPTables Tutorial

This is the iptables configuration I have used to secure my pihole instance before exposing it publicly. This configuration will...